4th Wave of Covid-19 in India? When Is It Coming And What Can We Expect?

During the pandemic, countries around the world have seen surges in cases and deaths during specific periods, these are typically called waves. Omicron was the explanation for the third wave in India and overtook most previous variants to become the dominant strain. Now the question remains when is the fourth wave coming?

Is India heading towards a possible 4th wave of COVID-19?

To say whether India is heading towards a 4th wave of COVID-19 or not, the info available immediately is just too limited. However, experts have predicted that a fourth wave might hit the country within June- July, which can peak in August. Talking about the possible 4th wave in India, the Ex-ICMR chief said that the probability is low, but nobody can predict whether it'll happen or not.

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India's update:

The capital has been witnessing an unprecedented spike in daily COVID-19 infections with quite 1,000 cases reported within the last 24 hours. Delhi has registered 1,042 new COVID cases, much higher since February 10 this year, as per the city’s health department.

With this, the active cases within the capital breached the 3000 mark and currently stand at 3,253. this is often the highest since February 15 when the active cases within the city stood at 3,397.

COVID-19 4th Wave in different Countries:

The COVID-19 epidemic has been confirmed in over 220 countries and territories as of April 11, 2022. The COVID-19 virus had infected roughly 499 million individuals worldwide, with 6.2 million people dying. and therefore the COVID-19 4th Wave in India will come till August. Countries like US, India, and Brazil hit the worst.

Symptoms are seen during the third wave:

The common symptoms seen during this wave were pharyngitis, headache, muscle pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, fever, cough, and extreme weakness.

The number of hospitalizations remained low in India during this surge.


We can’t really know the size of a fourth wave spread, nor its effects on the population. All we will do for now's remain calm, follow the protocols, and keep vaccinating as many of us as possible. If you're eligible for a booster, plow ahead and book your slot. Till then, let’s hope for the simplest and follow the standard precautions like mask-wearing, regular hand washing, and sanitizing.

Stay Safe! 

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